Monday, 28 May 2012

Skills For Good Programming

Wanna be a good Programmer?????
Don't worry you don't have to do something new to tough, just keep the following points in your mind and programming will be as simple as surfing on internet......
The very first thing is that you should set your mind that you have to solve a problem without thinking that you have to do programming. If your mood is all set for programming then just pick up the problem and try to find all the alternative logic to solve that particular problem.
After finding all the alternative solution, analyse all the alternatives and compare them to choose the best alternative.
Now you have the logic to solve the problem, so half of your problem is solved. Rest of the problem would be solved through programming. Now you should think of programming, don't worry it's not mandatory that you must know each and every concept of that programming language which you are going to use. Just start programming without thinking that how will you do it, instead just do it.
If you encounter any problem about the concept just go through the book or the best way is to see the example of it on internet. Just keep on going and finaly you will have the complete solution of the problem.

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